semi photos : )

samoan pride? lol
samoan pride? lol
woah I look stupid xD
nika, me and ellia
lalala stealing the area 58 lighting xD
the one photo worth buying

So I didn’t really take any good photos that night (xD the camwhore gene is just not in me), but I have the memories still, and I have something to put in a nice frame to go on my desk. The last photo ^ ^, even if my tie is crooked, I look thirty years older than Sandra, and that we’re too close for her mum to be comfortable with this photo (:P) makes no difference, it’ll remind me of a time when I was young and hip and most importantly of my best friend-PSYCHE YOU LOSER
NOW TAKE YOUR PANTIES OFF!!!!** (epik lols).

Anyway the semi was amazing fun.

= ]

So much hardcore dancing. Ryan, the best dressed in my opinion, danced for four hours non-stop (no jks, he was working it xD). The after party was a bit disappointing though…should have had like a semi after-after party or something. haha

Anyway I’m excited for the formals next year…they have a lot to live up to! YOOOOOOOOOOOSH.

**haha don’t worry, Sandra would understand and if you don’t I seriously recommend you read up on the art of “negging” on


4 responses to “semi photos : )

  1. TRUE AZN STYLIN’!! going to area 58 before a semi! LMAO πŸ˜€ ahh~ you guys all look lovelyy πŸ™‚

    i wish CI would HTFU and have the semi/party/whatever-the-hell-we’re-planning-now-that-we’re-in-debt-cuz-of-the-yr-12-formal = =

    lol ):

  2. musu.

    you are so cute =O
    omfgg and im your friend


  4. hii musu..
    im being creepy and reading all ur posts..
    also OUCH..
    have ur own afterparty next time loser.

    ALSO fucking come to southbank tomorrow.. were meeting at 130.

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