Things I’m into atm…

1. Admitting that the world is not perfect, and that I can still be happy.
It’s more like because I know happiness exists that I’m happy…sorta like because I know it’s there I believe in it, and that I can achieve it. Wondering if that made as much sense as I had hoped. :S

2. Being in love
… haha it’s funny how most would dismiss teenage romance as something stupid, and to each their own opinion, but I’ve been noticeably happier than I was before thanks, in great part, to Vivien  (你比从前快乐 was soooo written for me 😛 )

3. Meeting new people.
For a long time I thought that the only people I would ever meet were the ones I already had, and some of this lead me to believe that I should just settle on people who weren’t worth my time. After realising that some of my “friends” weren’t worth my time, I’m happier in knowing that life goes on and that I’m better because of it.

Even though they totally (a-)punked (get it? like their song…hahaha I’m so lame) me by making me think they were from the UK (according to they’re not) I’m willing to overlook their deceit to accept them for their weiner-ey music that I quite enjoy.

Although technically I’ve been “into” them for a long time, I still enjoy their humourous obvservations relating to culture and race. Something that I think a lot of people can relate to.

6. Getting a job.
I used to work at maccas, and it wasn’t as glamourous as some of you might think lol, but seeing as though my bank account is oft times at a balance of $0, I’m willing to settle on pretty much any job I’m given at the moment. xD

7. My psychology teacher.
haha not in a creepy “I love teachers 😉 ” sorta way, but because she’s fun and is more of a friend (and the conversations I have with her remind me of the talks with my mum). A bit of a shame that we don’t get much work done in classes though, lol, but you can’t have it all. =/

8. Puck
haha Sandra, my best friend. Even though we’re not the kind of people to show our soft mushy sides to each other, I decided to break character and tell you that you’re cool (H), and that I’m glad you’re a part of my life….NGAAAAAAAAWWWWSKIEEEEEEESSSS TEAAAAAARRRZZZORZZZ MANGZORZ 😛

9. Being at friend’s houses.
Mostly because it is cheaper than going to the big city. :L

10. Playing my piano again
Well I’ve always been pretty shit, but now I’m more determined because of how happy music has been making me feel. xD

Things that I’m not so into:
real racism (it’s okay if it’s just for play-plays xD ), gaining weight (haha I’m fat),  getting worse at speaking Chinese (and Samoan too, I guess :S), my angry father & growing up feeling as though I’m wasting my time…


2 responses to “Things I’m into atm…

  1. Wow, for once a long blog. :p
    2. Being in love

    That. Was rather cute.

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