semi formal tonight

So tonight is the semi formal and I was excited but now that I’m wearing the clothes I feel as though I look R*tarded. lol

Anyway it should be good, tearing up the d-flo with my favourite bitches.


I should probably post photos later…and I will. xD


3 responses to “semi formal tonight

  1. yoyoyoyo hey same-shirt-as-jason-guy
    you should be all “no! jason is same-shirt-as-musu-guy!” XD

  2. HEYY MUSU! i’ve heard heaps about you!! and i WILL tell bek you said hi~ thanks for reading me 😛
    i can’t wait to see the SMT semi photos WOOOT!~

    i’m gonna link you from my page ^^

  3. LOL ^_^
    Tell me you didn’t have the same shirt as someone…

    “Damn GAP on every corner!”

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