Everyone is disposable, people just have a hard time thinking like this because of the relationships they have with others. Situations change, people change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Sometimes all you can do is sit back and watch everything you know and love change.

It’s not always bad though because sometimes you realise how much better things are for you now, and neither you or the person you’ve drifted from are willing to deny you of this.

It’s one of those human nature things, where you can’t really explain all of why you left and all of why it seems that your absence is not missed, but almost certainly is.

I really feel like reading some Murakami.


5 responses to “change

  1. “Everyone is disposable”

    I like that.

    You never know, as people are changing… maybe they think that you’re the one who is changing.
    When in reality, you probably aren’t.

    Ah, think of that.

  2. girlwhonevergoesoutbecauseherparentsarefuckingnazissoshehastolivethroughinternet =(

    “everyone is disposable”

    musu i dont likee cos its true TT___TT

  3. i agree ):

    but i accept and embrace it (:

    change is what makes life FUN and bearable~~ plus i get bored with people quickly – -“

  4. @____@
    so HC , but i like 🙂

  5. well……. it would be appropriate to say……………………. “yes” XD

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