School begins in two days.__.

So another term is about to start, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not prepared to go back to school. =_=” It doesn’t really matter because there’s not much I can do about it, besides stop this headache and get myself prepared. = [ =

Sorta Aiyah. Sorta not (as evidenced with that smiley xD)

The party on Friday night was pretty fun. I was so responsible and good, I deserve a gold star ^.^. One of my friends has a life-ban imposed on him now though, he threw up all over the floor like an idiot. T_T

It’s been a day or two and I haven’t really felt up for posting anything. I’ve been really tired lately… all I did on Saturday was head to the city at around midday talk to Phuong for a few hours and then get back to my place at around 4:30pm. I pretty much did nothing and had an early night at about 6:30…but I woke up at 1 the next morning and went onto the computer until around 3-ish. xD

The party started at around 7ish and wasn’t that all out, which was a good thing. Things went pretty slow but that was good too, it’s not like we were in a rush. All I did that night was talk and hang out with cool people. BABY CHEEKS AND HONEY BOO!!!! lmao being lame was pretty fun too.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m not sure if I should go out tomorrow. :S

I should probably stay back and study for my Chinese exam, but … I’m not so sure. As I type
this I’m watching Disturbia, which I’m pretty excited about since I haven’t seen it before. ^_^

I think this will have to suffice as sufficient posting for the time being…


2 responses to “School begins in two days.__.

  1. I am too confused to post a comment that would make sense.
    but good luck on the exam!

  2. Ms. Ersken-Smith

    nice blog…(smile)it is very interesting indeed. I’m sure you’ll do fine in yr exams (smile)… I have faith in u (smile)…lol (smile)

    you know why I have many smiles in my paragraph, because I’m ES.

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