Sorry to disappoint but there’s nothing about incest xD, I’m just terribly bored. It seems to me that while everyone else is enjoying themselves on the holidays, I’m just wasting my life away doing, literally, nothing at all.

Going out is good and all but I only usually go out later in the week, so I can’t really do much by means of “going out” at the moment. This sorta sucks because there’s heaps of sales on at the moment. ;_;

Maybe after I watch 100 or so more youtube videos I’ll find something better to do at 4 in the morning. I might go for a walk or something, it’s not like I couldn’t use the exercise.

So much for plans of bettering myself. xD I guess the official start date would be when I get back to school…which I’m not quite sure of, as well. I’m not quite sure of anything these days (not always a bad thing, I guess =/ )

Anyway I need to shower and be clean for msn (lol because they can really tell over the internet, anyway xD)


One response to “Incest

  1. I ALWAYS waste my time during the summer.
    I might go out tomorrow just because I should.
    Going out can be sort of overrated :p

    yayyy youtube ^^;

    hmmm 🙂

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