So today I didn’t do anything. I went out yesterday and Emily invited me to Truong’s birthday party. xD

It was fun… so fun, actually. The first time in a long time I’ve had much fun drinking, which was good, I guess. Even though I didn’t think I would drink.

Thinking about it now it probably wasn’t a good idea, because I was throwing up while Anthony (the fucking cunt di bitch -_-” lol) was lighting my legs on fire while Jade shaved my leg. Not that fun tbh =/ lol That’s why drinking is OVER. = ]

I’ll just get drunk off of everyone else being wasted xD

I watched some sweet tv today, lol. Like Top Chef…marcelle the rapping white guy chef…purely amazing…and the HSM2 around the world international remakes…HOLY SHIZZLE WAS THAT AMAZING xD!!!! SHOW LO LOL LOL LOL GAH SO MANYS LOLS ;_;

anyway I’m spent.


One response to “woah

  1. drinking is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

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