back to stupid

Today I was making eggs for my family. (my mum’s like, “since you’re already going to make eggs I guess you can make some for everyone” while I’m still sleeping btw xD) OMG this was only after she was like “OMG U GUYS AREN’T EVEN UP AND IT’S MIDDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” … I check the time and it’s like 9:30 =.=” lol oh well.

This brings me to eggs. I was thinking about how some people like crunchy foods…peanut butter for example =/ but I can’t see anyone wanting to purposely add egg shell to their food. I don’t think I know of anyone who would add egg shell to their food =/, but it does give you that slight “crunch” some people are after. lol on my holidays I over-analyse the silliest things because this whole egg shell thing somehow made me think about peoples’ perception of what is normal, how one word can conjure so many different things (I.e. crunchy being tasty in peanut butter, but not so tasty if from an egg shell =/ … although that’s rather subjective xD) etc etc etc (omg this sounds like my english oral about the book with that kid who has that disorder xD “The Incident Of the Dog in the Night-time”‘ ). On another note the whole notion of “crunchy” reminds me of a psychological study about the word used to describe a car crash … woah lost interest yeh, neh? xD

Anyway I really think these holidays are gonna change things for me when I get back to school. I know everyone wants other people to want them-human nature, but I am gonna make a conscious effort to be less dependent on other people. I think this is just because I know that as -sigh- perfect as my friends are (at times, at least xD) that they’re not going to be there for me all the times that I need them, and the same goes for them (I feel like sorta flakey as a friend lately ;_; borrowing money (WTF? I hate that T_T), canceling plans with people, leaving people out (not purposely though :S), etc).

In a nutshell … hmmmmmm *thinks*


I think we could all do with some loner pride lol. Seriously though people think being alone is such a bad thing, but that’s only when you don’t choose to be alone. I think if you choose to be alone some of the time, that you own it, which gives you some sense of satisfaction. Like you’re in control or something silly and small like that.

Anyway peanut butter and nutella sandwiches are pretty cool, and I think the Earl would rise from his grave to give one a try. xD Ooooooh I also just read somewhere that if you chew gum when cutting onions that you don’t cry….besides being TRRRRRRRUUUUULLLLLYYYY EFFFFINNNNK AMEIJEDDDDDDD xD I wonder how someone figured that out… One day as someone was chewing gum and walking nonchalantly on their way home they accidentally fell into a  … onion slicing machine factory (? yeh realistic, i know lol), and documented their amazing findings.

Now I want to go buy a packet of gum, chew it whilst rubbing onions in my eyeballs. ^ ^

but not really*

*okay maybe I might try it =/**

**on second thought, maybe I’ll just cut them :S


One response to “back to stupid

  1. Oh the pain of rubbing onions into your eyes. Well, the pain of being anywhere near onions actually. Like the time I was forced to eat an onion tart.
    It was fucking disgusting.
    I like the idea of the onion peeling factory though 🙂

    I hate when I make eggs and I don’t crack it properly and egg shells get into my eggs. I always end up practically crying – because I’m a baby like that.
    Crunchy peanut butter? Please, ALL ABOUT THE SMOOTHHHH PEANUT BUTTER 🙂

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