…always seem to bring the worst out in me.

I’m usually lazy as it is, but holidays make me at least fifty times more lazy xD

This week I plan on going jobhunting because I need some new kicks for my semi formal :D. I’m pretty excited about it, even though I’m not that familiar with my partner. (long story about sandra’s friend …. maybe if you comment on her blog she’ll post about it xD although i doubt it lol)

Tyler just asked what I was doing tomorrow, so I guess tomorrow is never too late to start this jobhunting dealio. =/ If I want to enjoy a debt-free, fun-filled (fun meaning money =.=) break I should start jobwhoring myself ASAP. xD

Woah I just put the trash in the bin, it’s like the start of the week and it’s already full =_=”

lalala boring post as usual, but it gives me a break from eating eating carbs, listening to the same songs, playing DotA, and lastly, being completely bored.



One response to “Holidays

  1. Man.
    This blog is the worst.
    You’re talking about cheating on me, being lazy, trash and DotA.

    *dies a little*

    :p kidding


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