today was fun n_n

Today was pretty much the closest you could get to a perfect day. It started so early though, so by 6pm I was pretty much dead. xD

Jermia and Phuong rang me yesterday and told me to be in the city at like 6:30 so that we could line up and get gravy chips. (btw the chips aren’t even that good, but whatever xD). After waiting until around 9:15ish we got our chips and left to funhouse.


^ ^

We then played 2 Spicy and DDR’ed some. I think Tyler went home after this, just as Anthony arrived. We went to area 58 to take sticker photos n_n.

We went back to funhouse and some guy was on the DDR machine, and Phuong started dancing around him. He failed the song he was on…it was HILARIOUS xD. All these people were laughing, I almost died xD.

After this we went to YUM CHAAAAAAAAA, except it was kinda sucky yum cha and i swear that pork dumpling was undercooked (ewwwwww still very red and looking like uncooked mince :S).

Then we made our way to music city, for some good old fashioned karaoke.

Not my best karaoke outing, but still sweeeeeet.

We paid for a room of like 12? xD and then everyone started leaving until there was like 6-8 people.

;_; we could’ve saved money, lol. oh well

After that I went home, while there was still time on the k-machine


A great day. n_n

On Monday I think I’m going to go jobhunting. xD Which I am excited about, because I like money. = ]


2 responses to “today was fun n_n

  1. You’re so lucky. I want to go K.
    I can’t believe you waited like three hours to get crisps. You’re so hxc.

    Lucky Musu with his active social life ♥

  2. Oh oh oh. that is ONE cool photograph 🙂

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