end of term 2 resolutions xD

It’s the last week of term this week and I’m sorta really glad it’s over. =/

So many weird things have been happening with my friends, that I think some good time apart will do everyone some good. : ]

I also need to get a new job (I used to work @ maccas, but just got really lazy ><), and start making some monieeeeesssss, desperately.

Woah, I suddenly don’t feel the urge to go out as much as I used to (maturing? xD lol that sounds so stupid) not only for financial reasons, but I noticed that I’ve just gotten really lazy as a person, and the more I become like this, the less I can see myself liking the new me.

>< Anyway, went to a birthday party last night. It was ok. There was karaoke xD. Drinking didn’t start till 4AM, so needless to say I’m still a bit tired x_X, but I happened upon an important revelation, so glad that happened.


Dealing with one problem at a time! YOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ^ ^


One response to “end of term 2 resolutions xD

  1. Sigh 🙂
    I also need a job, so you’re not alone there my dear. However, working at McDonalds would be social suicide for me, money or not. Same with at a supermarket – too bad that’s probably the only places that will accept me ne?

    LOL 🙂 You’re so much like me, I’m waayy too lazy to go out nowadays, I only go out if I really want to ^___^

    I love you.

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