Webb is leaving :(

So I decided to post something otherwise this thing will die! >_<

I skipped school today…not like it was intentional :S (wait I know how lame that sounds, lol) I didn’t wag, I just stayed home…funny thing is that my mum didn’t know I was home until like 3:30pm xD

Anyway, I’m going to eric and pito’s birthday party tomorrow (well it is 1:02AM, so technically TODAY) and it is going to be a blast! (lol wtf says “blast!” i sound like a primary school teacher)


Gah, this news has really affected myself and a lot of other students who really admired him. I don’t want to sound all sentimental because he’s the kinda guy that would pay me out for it, so I won’t. xD

Just to let you all know what he’s like … Sandtrain and I pretty much idolise the guy. (He’s up there with Jay chou, lol). He always seems to know everything, ever, and it’s a joke between us two that he could pretty much teach any subject (psychology, maths, chemistry, french … others if he wanted xD). Even with such a vast amount of knowledge he doesn’t come across all uppity about it. He’s a really cool guy.

He really is quite an inspiration to me, and I’m sad that he’s leaving to teach some snotty Swiss kids !!! (no offence to swiss people, as you can understand I’m just a little bitter xD).

He makes terribly lame jokes, that always have us laughing.

I think that when I grow up I’d like to be someone like Michael. He truly is a great man, and seeing as this is his last week @ school, I figured he deserved some dedication on this page.

Not to get sentimental but QASMT will definitely miss you, webbby!!!!!



3 responses to “Webb is leaving :(

  1. I’m sorry for your Michael Webb loss.
    It must be very painful to lose such an idol, especially one that is on the same level as jay chou (cough cough jj lin is somewhat cooler)

    *kicks* (in the nicest way poss)

    love you!

  2. lol i hope he sees this

  3. Snotty Swiss Kid

    Shame he is with us now… He says he perfers us anyways… He says your Musu and about 180cm tall… not bad… We have Mr. Webb with us hes the best and forgot totally bout you guys… We are in chemistry with him now blowing up stuff making touch powder!

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