Wtf? It’s 3:42AM

Life’s been a bit unusual lately. Not that I have any great problems, so I’m not going to complain until I have a real problem, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately-about everything.


I know it sounds quite stupid/”how teenager-esque” of me actually, but whatever everyone does this eventually, and I guess it’s my time to follow suit.

So the things that keep coming to mind are all about relationships.=/ Not in any romantic sense of the word, but mostly about my friendships…how they’re changing, how they’re bizarre and individual in each case, which is how I know they’re mine. About why there’s so much tension between my friends, and why I’m always feeling slightly left out of everything, even though I’m probably not.

For starters the whole concept of a “best friend” is nothing but a concept.  “Classing” your friends is probably something everyone does, but when one says that someone is their “best friend” what is the purpose of this? Is it done so that we don’t feel lonely? I think for the most part, the answer to this would be yes. People need to be needed, and if we give someone an esteemed title, then they’re more likely willing to “perform” to your expectations. So I have a few best friends, I think, but each friendship is different, and they’re quite incomparable.

I think my inability to connect with people, has stopped me from ever really feeling close to anyone. It’s not just this though. I’ve heard that people like their friends because they remind them of themselves. Does this mean that I’m only able to befriend people who can’t connect either? -Sigh- If so, then one would think that for people, like myself, to connect with one another on a meaningful level, that this would be impossible.

I read about relationship theories in psychology the other day, and found this page- Attraction and Love.

I could go on forever about this, but I have a higher level math exam in 8 hours and I’m in the middle of mass cramming. I might continue posting about this later.

Anyway I was just talking to my friend on msn, and I asked her what song she would be if she could pick ?

I settled on The Postal Service – Brand new colony, although there’s a heap of others I wouldn’t mind being.

She picked Clazziquai’s “Gentle Rain”. Nice song. Which reminds me … I’m so happy because I downloaded the Alex (from clazzi) album!!!

Back to study…


3 responses to “Wtf? It’s 3:42AM

  1. MUSU! You must change your settings to +10 GMT thinggggggg
    Unless it was actually at 3.42am ==
    which isn’t hard to believe XD

    :L Read “The science of love” on cranepsych? XD
    That is, have u “read” not like “reeeeed”

  2. dolliefixation

    Yessir. I chose that song 🙂
    I love that song. It’s awesome.

    Sigh sigh, I miss you. We haven’t spoken in a while.
    Love you 🙂

  3. girlwhonevergoesoutbecauseherparentsarefuckingnazissoshehastolivethroughinternet =(

    well u opened me up

    -not just sexually too 😉

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