The End

82 blogposts.

I’m pretty sad that I’m ending things here at wordpress but like so many other teenagers who get too cool for wordpress I’m going to blogspot.

Not unlike how everyone got too “mature” to use myspace and flocked to facebook.

I’ll put the link to the new blog once I’ve figured out what the site should be . xD

LINK IS HERE (not zelda … I’m lame xD)


Bleach, Eelyn’s screw factory & the new love of my life

So I know I’ve neglected blogging for a while now mostly because I’ve been checking out other shit blogs thinking to myself, “omg this is so shit & boring ytf does it get more views than me etc … the world is full of stupid people … I want some cheesecake but I don’t have any and this is hardly blogworthy news…etc etc T_T” but realised that I shouldn’t let something silly like those things get between me and something I like–blogging.

I think I’m having a mid-teen-life crisis where I start to feel really old and out of sync with what’s cool. Either this or I purposely choose to do things that are considered not very cool to somehow give the finger to the status quo (assuming that the ‘status quo’ is some all powerful, life-governing body). So I feel old because I go out and don’t seem to run into people I know. It’s like everyone is getting old & we’re only like seventeen-ish. Also I see what I can only assume are twelve year olds (judged on acne, clothing, not-being-able-to-differentiate-the-voices-of-boys-from-girls-ness, general aura of pre-pubescence) out and about and get thoughts like, “Oh my what are they doing out?” Then there’s some recoil and I think “ZOMG IM SUCH A NANNA”

I guess I feel old because I’m in year twelve now which means I’m top of the food chain in school. This is great because now I can eat any of the other students. ^ ^

For two days I worked at Eelyn’s screw factory and it was pretty fun. Sandra & I gave her brother what we called the year nine test. It involved asking him questions regarding typical characteristics of year niners back when we were young.

“Do you like Japan?”
“So if you were a shinigami, who would you be?”
“Do you study anything at all?”
etc etc

I try to stay young by watching Bleach because I’m only like five or something years behind I watched seventy episodes in two days. Not eating or sleeping on the first day was completely worth it.

Today I went out with the weibchen and got a variety of free things. Everyone knows that free things are, quite frankly, the best things. I couldn’t find my belt in the morning so my shorts were falling down sorta. I was very paranoid and I felt like everyone was out to pull my pants down. Which was probably true seeing as the world is full of people who wait to pull down strangers’ pants (there’s got to be at least like two in Brisbane) so I bought a belt from Target as soon as I got there. I held my pants up inside my pockets nervously as I shuffled to the store. It’s like when you are an annoying twat who smells really bad and are self-conscious about others noticing and saying something (which would be deserved, I guess)

Igor isn’t out yet. I found this news THOROUGHLY UPSETTING.

My day, however, was salvaged because I bought the Green Tea Iced Frappucino from Starbucks. Now at first I was all, “everyone says it’s good but I’m so probably not going to like it that much … I hate young people bleargh”. Then I bought it and I, now (only after drinking it), believe in true love. I have never wanted anything more in my mouth ever. Except like BoA.

rachel tan the magic (wo)man

I’d like to thank Rachel for giving me reason to blog n_n

– Name: Musu Muliaga
– Birth date: 21st April 1992
– Birthplace: IPSWICH FTW xD, Australia
– Current Location: Brisbane
– Eye Color: like pit-black, basically lol brown
– Hair Color: black
– Height: 185ish cm … wish i were taller : (
– Righty or Lefty: righty
– Zodiac Sign: Taurus

– Your heritage: Samoan ftw
– The shoes you wore today: black lo-cut chucks
– Your weakness: free stuff
– Your fears: the future & mum
– Your perfect pizza: would be like chicken pizza eaten with fresh avocado xD it’s nice lol
– Goal you’d like to achieve: this year? SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXX

or like win lotto
whichever comes first

– Your most overused phrase on AIM/ YAHOO/ MSN: “lol” i know so cliche but I guess I’m just funny
– Your first waking thoughts: “wtf? butter bread at 5am??” – lol a one-off
usually like
“how long do I hve to appear to be awake before my p’rents leave so i can sleep” oh lol at rachel punching wall btw xP
– Your best physical feature: my errrhm … idk so difficult…so pretty….lol not rele i will just pick something obscure like my kneecap, small nipples or earlobe
– Your most missed memory: STOP LIVING IN THE PST LOSERR

– Pepsi or Coke: YUM ALOE
– McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks: McD’s
– Single or group dates: group cos of the possiblity of orgy
– Adidas or Nike: nike n_n becos i’ve never owned anything adidas =/
– Chocolate or vanilla: vanillla
– Cappuccino or coffee: coffee, i guess

– Smoke: back when I was cool lol T_T”
– Cuss: everywhere cept home becos mum gets crnky when I say “shut up” lol but I usually say “get effed in the a” if she is in earshot
– Sing: zomfg im mic-hog at k’oke lol
– Take a shower everyday: mostly, unless I hve something rele importnt to do like conserve wter droplets for underprivileged youths
– Do you think you’ve been in love: sure, with like my tv
– Want to go to college: for ninja studies n_n
– Like high school?: sometimes yes, most times no
– Want to get married: not rele
– Believe in yourself: well if i don’t believe in myself my spirit power gets blocked when im attacking other high-powered shinigami so i gotta believe
– Get motion sickness: nope
– Think you’re attractive: i hve sweet kneecaps so yeh im hot
– Think you’re a health freak: lol yeh but like the opposite of the regulr connotation as in ttly unhealthy xD
– Get along with your parent(s): yesssish
– Like thunderstorms: yes : )
– Play an instrument: piano but im not good lol

LAYER SIX: In the past month…
– Drank alcohol: yes i prcticed wine-drinking xD lol becos i dnt like the taste i hd to build tolernce to it
– Smoked: no
– Done a drug: COFFEE -> CAFFEINE
– Made Out: yes *giggles like schoolgirl* teehee
– Gone on a date: yes
– Gone to the mall?: yes
– Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: no
– Eaten sushi: yes but now i wnt some now : (
– Been on stage: nooooooooo
– Been dumped: no
– Gone skating: no -sigh- so many “no”s don’t i lead an interesting life ;__;
– Made homemade cookies: no x] but i ate all of my sister’s icing which is baking-related
– Gone skinny dipping: noooooope
– Dyed your hair: negtive

– Played a game that required removal of clothing: possibly
– Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
– Been caught “doing something”: yes
– Been called a tease: no lol im a frigid ass whore xD
– Gotten beaten up: not rele =/
– Shoplifted: lol yes a $1 world of warcraft trial CD becos I put it at the bottom of the trolley & forgot it ws there xD SORRY BIG W
– Changed who you were to fit in: this questions is stupid everyone has lol

– Age you hope to be married: not before 35-40 =/
– Numbers and Names of Children: one, his name will be Astroboy Jie Lun lol
– Describe your Dream Wedding: in city hall ^ ^ so romantic
– How do you want to die: mid-penetration; dying from too much of the good stuff
– Where you want to go to college: Shinigami Training Academy or like UQ lol
– What do you want to be when you grow up: psychologist but really DESIGN/architecture would be cool too
– What country would you most like to visit: FraEngKor n_n I would step into like black hole so I could be at three places simultaneously these places being France, England & Korea

– Number of drugs taken illegally: drinking alcohol? technically illegal lol
– Number of people I could trust with my life: i think they know : )
– Number of CDs that I own: like 5? dl stealing ftw xD
– Number of piercings: none
– Number of tattoos: none yet, but i wanna get one this yr n_n
– Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? for the school captains of primary schools in ipswich edition xD my aunt clipped it lol
– Number of scars on my body: two on my legs & one on my hand from when my brother ironed me on accident
– Number of things in my past that I regret: too many to count lol

I tag sandra & kt & leanne lol
im tired now

today we worked at eelyn’s screw factory & chatted up her brother.
good times


epik (not rele) return

I hven’t blogged in a while because my ‘a’ key is broken & typing just pisses me off, but I thought “hey it’s xmas”

Tht rele means nothing. lol
When most people think bout xmas they think bout presents but seriously xms is such a “white people invention”.

Or gift-giving is, to my fmily, at least.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but it just gets annoying when people ask me what I got becuse the answer is usually nothing.

This yr I got one present & it is pretty much the coolest possession I hve. iPod classic (thnks mum you’re hepppz cool xD)

but yeh xms for me is just like fmly get-together (which didn’t go so gr8 tody – idk I ws sleeping for five hours nd when I woke people were leving & crying xD)

Oh I turned on the tv & Jesus Christ Superstr ws on. Now I’m going to let you in on little secret.
I am a mjor pussy.

It creeped me out. xD

It scred me like the first time wtching bttle royle in the drk by myself.

It scred me like the first time I listened to “stirwy to heven bckwrds”.

Overll I’m mjor meowfce.

p.s. soz for the lck of “a”s


Imagine the reaction between a person and energy output.
So that it’s something like

person + energy -> work

and now imagine you introduce a catalyst to speed up the reaction.
In my life the catalyst is “sleep deprivation”.

I’m serious though, it’s not very scientific but I do tend to get more done when I sleep less. I didn’t sleep last night-I spent the whole night reading, and early this morning I took a walk. It was so early I could see the moon and the sun facing off. It was pretty neato. I had breakfast, which is something I never do, cleaned the house up a bit, and got some exercise.


It’s now 7:25 and I came to blog because I am sucking hardcore at piano. Not that I usually don’t it’s just that I needed to cut my nails because they were making that *clack* noise when your nails are too long, except I haven’t played piano without nails in such a long time that it feels funny. xD

Of course I kept the right thumb nail, because it is what I like to call my “utility nail”. Much like a swiss army knife the thumb nail can be utilised for many different purposes.

Some such uses are
-peeling oranges
-playing guitar (not that I do, but if I ever started and couldn’t afford a pick…but could afford the guitar o_O lol)
-opening envelopes
-breaking unbreakable child proof packaging D:
-alternative for a knife in a Michael Jackson style tie-one-of-your-arm-to-another-guy’s-arm fight

point of information

If I had to raise a point of information with people getting hated on the internet it would be that you can’t congratulate haters for helping you get views up.

Something like “well at least we’re still in your mouths” is stupid as a defence because sure you’re being talked about, but not for anything you would want. People find that you’re a joke, and sure I’m not talking about Eat Cake films in particular they just sparked my interest in this popular cyber defense from criticism.

Lol ->

Such a douche thing to do lol

If you say anything in a French accent it suddenly seems more justified

I’ve just been browsing the web today which is pretty weird seeing as it is a Friday and Fridays are usually the only day I go out on the holidays, but change is sometimes good, and I won’t bore you with the details of my semi-non-existent social life. xD

The other week my brother brought home this magazine-on-dvd thing called Pedestrian Tv, it’s like one of those ultra cool hipster indie kid (yeah I’m taking the piss 😛 )things that he’s interested in. Things of that nature usually involve him spamming me to death with club party invites on facebook, and him uploading the September/”any month” Indie Playlist (it’s some compilation of songs that are big…or in indieverse not big otherwise it would no longer be indie D: oh the contradictions of young people, nowadays) onto the computer. 

I thought it was going to, well to be frank, pretty shit, but it was actually kinda cool. On this edition was an interview with The Teenagers and the french trio  (although only two members are present in this interview- no doubt because the lead singer was probably getting head from a 16 year old cokeslurry [a homonym for “crackwhore” like “dickhead” is to “penis-cranium”]  ) seemed like they were funny guys. It doesn’t hurt that they are French so they are inherently at least 5-6 times cooler than your average human being. Pretty sure Dorian could be like Japanese too, which only helps to make him 4343 x cooler. The other guy whose name I don’t remember has a tattoo of an atom on his right arm and its deep meaning is like that it is the basis of life/all matter or something like that. It is clean and simple and I think he will probably like it for the next thirty years until his arm gets saggy etc. Yeah, well I want to get a tattoo these holidays but I’m not really sure what to get. I could always get a Samoan traditional tattoo but that would involve me going to Samoa and seeing as I am geographically-constricted I want to get a Western tattoo before I get that one.

Anyway tangents aside, my brother is like one of those thing that pleasantly surprises you. Stability is nice but a nice surprise from someone / somewhere you don’t expect (errrgh not like rape wtf ._. ) is sometimes nicer. 

So I sent him this video because I thought it was pretty rofltastic

Brokencyde – Freaxxx (Music Video) from Eat Cake Films on Vimeo.

They look like a poor man’s Metro Station. A very poor man’s Metro Station.